Adelaide handyman adds the additional layers of good design and craftmanship to the basic handyman job. If you want nicely detailed work that is well thought through and a pleasure to look at then you have come to the right place.


As director of Adelaide Handyman I personally oversee each job to ensure that all work is done to an Architectural detailing standard. No corners are cut to save costs.  From the initial stages of a job to the end we offer you a professional service. We listen to what you want and will achieve the best possible result.  Initial Prep work, setting out and ensuring selection of finishes is suitable to the job at hand, fine cutting in of paintwork, though to ensuring that the site is suitably cleaned before we leave... these are all things that you can be assured will be done in excess of your expectations at a price that you can afford.




Adelaide Handyman provides free design advice if you need some ideas, and if you have a really big project in mind we will provide a consulting Architect



Phone us and leave a message on 8211 6101.  We will get back to you within 24 hours for a chat about your project and explain what we can do for you. 









Planter, fence & Paving

God is in the detail(s)


Even unfinished this looks good! Note the setout of the  bolts and how the fence-rail runs through the planter. 

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