Our Services

Here at Adelaide Handyman we specialise in Outdoor Rooms.  We also will take on any handyman job that requires a fine level of detailing.


Jobs that are fiddly and too hard for our competion are the ones that we love! Our gun handyman is a talented Designer and by overseeing your job he will ensure that you get quality work.  If we are creating something for you it will be beautiful.


At rates starting from just $39 an hour we offer unbeatable value.


If your job requires more than just a handyman we can arrange a quote from one of our trusted list of qualified builders to get the job started and we can put in the finishing touches that will make your project look "magazine" standard.

We also have a consultant Architect if your job requires something a bit special or if planning and building rules approvals are required.


Adelaide handyman on the job

If you want a second pair of hands on your job... Adelaide handyman can supply someone to do just that.

This client saw our consultant Architect for  the basic design. The owner had a good strong back and was willing to help. We provided the know-how and made sure that a quality product was delivered on time and on budget. This is our most cost effective package and is popular among owner builders. The more you do the cheaper the job becomes.



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